Steve Sargenti!

Steve has been a musician and entertainer on Maui since before he was legally old enough to get into a bar. (If you're interested in his music, you can hear it at He's also a friendly guy and loves to show off his beautiful Island. Some years ago, a tour company asked him to work for them when they were shorthanded. He did and found he really loved the work and what's more, his clients raved about him. So he decided he'd start his own personalized tour guide company.

It's a natural for him - he's lived on Maui for almost 50 years and has explored most of its wonders. He's lived in Lahaina, Kihei, Upcountry & Hana - that pretty much covers the Island. He knows where all the waterfalls, salt water pools, tropical rainforests, hiking trails and secluded beaches are hidden. He'll guide you there and tell you wonderful stories about Maui and its characters along the way. While he won't be juggling his harmonicas, he probably WILL juggle whatever fruit he finds on your trek and will probably talk you into at least trying a taste. He speaks English, a bit of ASL (American Sign Language) and Pidgin.